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Welcome to my new and improved blog. Having spent the first two years blogging very happily on Blogger, I have taken the plunge and set up a blog which will allow me to offer my readers more. As a thank you for joining me in my new adventure I am giving away for a limited time my full-length novel Mother of Wolves.  Price on Amazon $2.99.

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Never Underestimate The Little Woman

What some reviewers have said:

“In Lupa, Mother of Wolves has a central character whose determination, bravery, and sheer magnetism keep you turning the pages.”

“A novel that both entertains and explores the difficulties a strong woman encounters in life, Mother of Wolves is a well written, character driven novel that draws the reader into a world that is little known.”

“Zoe Brooks has brought a masterpiece without being pretentious. Her simplicity in storytelling is unrivaled.”


A gripping story of a woman’s struggle for justice in a man’s world.

Through the marshes and rich farmland of the great river, Lupa hunts and is hunted by her husband’s murderers. On the estuary islands her sons and their protector are just one step ahead of the killers. Everyone underestimates Lupa, if they consider her at all. They are making a mistake. The odds may be against her, but Lupa is the daughter of a fox and the mother of wolves.

If you are looking for a novel with a strong heroine, look no further. Lupa is small of stature, but fiercely intelligent and big of heart.

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