E-book Cover Design

The cover on my new book is getting a lot of compliments and quite rightly so. The designer is John L Wilkinson and his graphics website is http://cargocollective.com/johnwilkinsondesigns

John works as a graphic artist in film art departments and has worked recently on World War Z and Anna Karenina. But luckily for me he also designs graphics for the web.


For ebooks as for conventional printed books the cover is a major selling tool, but for ebooks there are additional requirements. It is essential when it comes to ebooks that the covers work well on a variety of screens and at a variety of size. For people browsing on Kindle it is also important that the cover works in grayscale. Have a look on Amazon and you will see many covers which just don’t work when reduced to thumbnail size. John’s designs work brilliantly.

John’s cover also reflects the story in the book. Anya, the central character and narrator, is trapped in the house of her abusive aunt, but she is trapped too by the desert that surrounds the oasis town where she was born. I just love the way John combines the desert and the image of Anya, the way the line of the sand dune is also the line of her cheekbone and the sun on her forehead. What is Anya dreaming behind those closed eyes?


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