Magic Realist Poem

Most magic-realist literature comes in the form of novels, but it also appears as poetry. A few years back I wrote a long poem called Something in Nothing. The poem is broken up into parts.



He felt his shoulderblades
stretch and itch,
as he gazed across the café
at the girl.
Over the rim of the coffee cup
he saw her smile,
a secret smile as she read.

He wanted to cover his face,
he wanted to cover his feet,
he wanted to rise above it all.
Such was the ache of it.
Such was the tightness
of the shirt on his back.
Over the coffee cup
he drew the set of her jaw
with his eyes.
He noticed the slight shade on the cheek.

Suddenly she looked up
and saw him.
That was not the way of it,
that was not how it should be.
She should not see him,
not like that,
not with those dark smiling eyes.

That night in the bedroom
he thought of her,
as undressing
he found on his back
three sets of perfectly formed wings.

I have been busy organising another magic realism bloghop and this poem is part of it.  The hop is like a magic realist mystery tour, with all sorts of posts appearing on the many blogs taking part. Click on the links below to hop around the various posts.

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